Everything 3D

Dynamic Dimensions 2.0 : same name, upped the game!

3D is more alive then ever and we help you to put a Dynamic Dimension around your product and in your sales & marketing experience.

Whether your product is still in design phase or already in the market, webbased tools can help you to bring your product alive everywhere, anywhere. Let DeeDee show you how.


Augmented Reality and more specifically Mobile AR can be a real game changer in your product communication. Be aware that the smartphone of all of your B2C or B2B clients already have can be the driver of your AR-content without the need to install any app. 

It’s as easy to visit the mobile website and place the object directly in front of you



Because interactive Virtual Reality can deliver the most active experience, we also can create specific applications, experiences and trainings. Webbased VR can be the answer for product-driven visualisations, but real VR will always need a specific development, publishment and support level. Nothing scary, but less scalable.

Classic 3D

Nothing wrong with the classics, if you use them right! From interactive, webbased 3D experiences embed in your website, to client specific design proposals over 3D renders for print. We always start from the same source: your product and vision.

We deliver 3D services for:

  • 360 walktrough (web) apps and (pre)visualisations
  • architects and real estate
  • marketing
  • graphic design and advertising (agencies)
  • industry and technology
  • product development

Dynamic Dimensions 2.0

Discover our services :

Product AR

We developed a product/brand activation and 3D AR product experience for producers and retailers.

Core Team growth

We strategically expanded our core team to enlarge our in-house knowledge to present your products in full glory in AR.

AR e-learning platform

Dynamic Dimensions AR e-learning platform to bring manuals, courses, trainings and overal education to your smart phones.

(bone)animations in AR

A technical manouvre allows us as one of a select group of agencies in the world to bring 3D bones animations to (web) AR.

CAD to AR workflow

We optimized a very fast and effective CAD to AR workflow that allows us to shrink your expenses and maximizes your possibilities.

Android & iOS compatibel

We are all geared up with a bag of tools to tackle all your Android and iOS needs.